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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 2, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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tragedy this evening on the tracks a teen is struck and killed by a train as she walked down the track. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. freight trains are running again in cardenas after being shut down for several hours after a teenage girl was struck and killed. we turn to cara liu who is live in martinez with the very latest, cara. >> reporter: about 15 feet from where we are standing is a stretch of train track that we are talking about. a spokesperson for buerlingame confirmed one of their freight trains struck and killed one on
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the tracks at 5:00 p.m. the spokesperson also told us two people were jumping on the tracks. for one reason one person came back on and that is when the accident happened. earlier this eve we did see investigators run walking around the track with flashlights. they appears to collect evidence including a shoe. about a dozen family and friends gathered at the scene and were visibly upset. her family tells us that she was in fifth grade. they believe she went back on the track to retrieve a dropped phone. it's not unusual for people to use it as a walk way. rail investigators are not confirmed the name or age of the victim but did say they are
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continuing to investigate. we're live in martinez tonight, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. scattered showers spread across much of the bay area today. we want to show you now a live look on storm tracker ( 2. most of the rain has moved farther north. >> reporter: this latest round of stormy weather has finally opened its terrain. and eager to play in the snow for the first time ever a family from salinas spent the day racing up and down the snow covered hillside. and areas that burned are
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now a concern for hill slides. crews welcomed for more than eight hours through the night to try to reach the hikers authorities say they were finally able to hoist the four up and out of danger using a helicopter. the rain has mostly moved out of the bay area for what was a wet weekend for most. >> the storm basically fizzing out. this was a second storm of the week. the strongest one for parts of the state. look at the rainfall totals over the past few days. basically the opposite what you would expect the over all pattern. eureka gets the most. over southern california 8-1/2 inches of rainfall. that was the whole target area
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the even san diego approaching 2-inches. the latest right now on live storm tracker two. basically a few showers to the north and east of the bay area. we could still have clouds and drizzle right now in the short term. but the local radar not picking up much rainfall. you will notice out here in the pacific we will put our tracker off in the distance that is another system we are tracking for your monday. so coming up at 10:35. we will take a look at this. monday rain time line because we do have more rain in the time line and the updated weather forecast. you can stay up to date with the latest weather
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conditions where you live. in developing news from ukraine tonight, dozens of russian crews have taken control of crimea. they are surrounded military bases in the region and demanded ukrainian soldiers hand over their weapons. so far the invasion has remained bloodless but the peace is fragile. tonight world leaders including nato the european union, united nations and united states are all demanding that russia back down. ukraine's interim leader says his country is on the brink of disaster. >> we urge president putin to pull back his military. inside parliament the entry rim prime minister made a plea to prevent war. outside the streets of kiev were filled with fresh memories of bloodshed during the ousting of the former russian backed
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leader. ukraine called off the troops. >> reporter: ukraine's defense council said his country does not have the military to fend off russia. >> this is an aggression. even aggression is a threat of war. >> russia thought this brazen act of aggression. >> reporter: but no one is offering military support to ukraine. the u.s. is emphasizing diploma cy and sanctions. this afternoon, john kerry announced he will go to kiev. >> i believe russia will set its stage to try to present a different face on. in moscow a group of prokers
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prokers -- protesters showed support. president obama today spoke with his counter parts in great britain, poland and germany. the white house said all four leaders expressed grave concern about the invasion. and tonight the group of seven nations suspended its participation in the upcoming economic summit in sochi. coming up at 10:30, heartfelt protests and prayers. what people here with roots in ukraine have to say about the crisis there. new at 10:00 tonight, thieves hit a san francisco based animal rescue organization this weekend taking off with a vehicle filled with donated items. that vehicle belonged to the lu gurru rescue group. it disappears on 22nd avenue in the richmond district between gary boulevard and anzas street. managers say that van was
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packed. >> leashes, colors, dog beds, bowls all kinds of things. just a ton of stuff that had been donated over the course of several months. >> now the stolen vehicle is a dark colored volkswagen passat. state senator ron calderon is accused of accepting bribes from a studio. it was during last week's heavy rain when an elderly north bay man headed home. but he never made it. it has now been four nights and still no sign of that man. we get new details tonight from ktvu's debora villalon, she is live in cordo mad era after
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retracing the woman's roots. >> reporter: it's an 8-mile rout, an 8-mile mystery. robert davis was last seen driving away from this restaurant after a weekly dinner with his daughter. their long tradition. >> we were happy. we had a wonderful evening. >> reporter: after a cozy dinner on a rainy night. bob davis left for home headed the opposite direction. >> what he has done for every year 15 years. every wednesday we never made it. >> reporter: the call came the next morning from davis' retirement community. >> they wanted to know if he spent the night with us and i said no. >> this is where he went missing on the freeway. he was adamant but continued to drive. >> reporter: expanding out from the freeway to the hills. thinking he may have gotten lost. >> i want to find the car.
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of course i want to find my grandfather. but if i find the car i find him. >> reporter: davis was driving a silver toyota camry with a missing hub cap. it also had a numbered decal on the rear. a sticker for the villa miranda parking. everything still ready for him to come home. >> there's a calendar on the table. notes on the side. >> reporter: plans for dinner the next night. >> reporter: he checks off every day just to keep tabs. and that day is unchecked. >> reporter: in this close family davis was known to be independent, mentally sharp and still a confident driver. restaurant staff who consider him a regular are in shock as
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well. >> he would drive off and say, i am going to live until i'm 100. he was in good help. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: here's the license plate on bob davis' silver camry, hsey056. and word has gone out to marin cycling and hiking community so they can keep a look out. davis does not carry a cell phone and the only credit card he had on him has not been used. reporting live in corda mad era, debora villalon, ktvu news. a bay area neighborhood on edge after a woman is attacked in her own home. what neighbors tell us happens there. and fire gut the bay area house for the second time. investigators say the cause may be different this time around. some silvering comments from governor jerry brown about legalizing recreational marijuana use. hear what he has to say about pot heads.
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a s.w.a.t. team moves in aftera woman reported being attacked and injured. authorities blocked off most of
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the road. cristina rendon was at the scene and speaks to neighbor s who are stunned. >> he literally grabbed me by the wrist. she said you need to leave. >> reporter: her family and kids were in the back room. >> i was sleeping still. i didn't everyone know, i said what's going on. >> reporter: the evacuation was response to a woman being attacked at her home. they took another downtown for questioning. >> they closed here, that street here and the garage and the other one. and i saw a robot, dogs, it was kind of scary. >> reporter: police were just at the same home yesterday for
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hours. they say a mother and two adult children lived there but they never suspected any problems. >> it's pretty bad. because it's your neighbor. you never know what kind of people live next to you. >> i hope everything goes well. i hope she's going to be fine. >> police say they'll be processing the crime scene inside the home and investigating this case throughout the night. reporting in newark, cristina rendon. the high speed car chase in sa sacramento county ended when police from citrus heights say they spotted a car broadcasting a low jack sill signal indicating it was stolen. police say when they tried to stop the car the woman took off on the o wrong side of the road at about 100 miles per hour. she tried to ram a patrol car. officers in that car fired their guns killing her. the woman's identity has not yet been released but her former girlfriend said the incident start with a family argument. >> her and her grandma had
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gotten into an argument. she went and took her keys and she called the cops. governor jerry brown speaks on his stance in opposition of recreational marijuana. california was the first to legalize medical marijuana in 2006 but brown says he is concerned that casual use can be daily use. >> how many people can get stoned and still be a great nation. world is very dangerous, very competitive. i think we need to stay alert if not 24 hours a day more than some of the pot heads might be able to put together. >> also today brown said the series of drought fires and
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flood plagues are a sign of the future. yesterday the governor signed a relief package to help water starved farms and communities. a spokesman for the boy scouts of america says disney's decision to pull out all sponsorship is going to hurt. the group still bans gay troop leaders. disney says that is against its fairness policy. it is a close call for an east bay fie fighter who fell through a floor while battling a house fire. ktvu's allie rasmus reports that the flames were at a home that firefighters had been to
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before. >> it was impressive. i mean the whole roof was on fire by the time they got to putting it out. but i mean started from this window to the whole house was engulfed in flames. >> we sent crews inside to try to extinguish it. that's when one of the firefighters fell through the floor into the basement. >> reporter: that firefighter fell 8 feet when the floor collapsed. he escaped unharmed and continued fighting the fire. the home is built into the side of the hill making fighting the fire difficult. neighbors worried the fire would spread. >> i drove back in the driveway and turned on the hose and started hosing off the house. >> reporter: a fire broke out in the exact same home, back then firefighters discovered what theyed said turned out to be legally grown marijuana plants. neighbors had been parking their own cars in the driveway to make it less obvious it was
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empty. everyone after the flames were contained. the fire continued to smolder in this home for hours. firefighters had to tackle the fire from the outside because it was too dangerous to go inside. in alameda county, allie rasmus, ktvu news. students in san rafael learned today the importance of community and giving to those in need. the children also took part in several activities to teach compassion. >> just a couple of people in the beginning and now we have 20 people. >> when you help people it makes you feel better. >> you've got it right. the idea from today's event came from today's hero club that was started two years ago by a parent. you can learn more about that
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group by going to our website just click on web links. going to court, it's taken a year but a former olympic athlete is now on trial for murder for the shooting death of his model girlfriend. the extra steps one broadcaster is taking to make sure that viewers don't miss a thing. google is trying to make it easier for you to not only find a restaurant but get to order when you get there. and showers have moved out of the bay area for now. but look what's developing offshore. another disturbance. we'll break down the heaviest rain as we head into your monday.
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we want to show you live pictures from south africa where the trial of oscar pastorius is getting ready to start in a few hours. that's a live view of the witness stand area in the courtroom. the trial is expected to last several weeks and could involve testimony from more than 100 different witnesses.
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he is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend reva steamcamp last year. she died when pistorius fired four shots through the bathroom door. pistorius says he believed steam number -- steamcamp was a burglar. 10 knife wielding attackers randomly slashed travelers at a chinese train station. chinese officials say they were islamic militants from the far west. islamic leaders condemn the attack but also report religious oppression and discrimination against them in china. hundreds of people protesting the keystone pipeline were arrested in
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washington, d.c. today. >> more than 500 protesters marched to the white house demanding that president stop construction on the pipeline extension. 200 people had been arrested after they used plastic zip ties to fasten themselvess to the white house fence. the keystone pipeline will bring oil from canada to the gulf coast. google is making it easy for you to find restaurant menus with a new search tool. if you type something like show me the menu that menu will display at the top of your search result. it even comes with organized tabs. embracing technology. how police in the bay area are turning to social media to help solve crimes. he's fired and fighting back. only on 2. a former security chief tells ktvu he's become a scapegoat after his t-shirt controversy at a north bay mall. if you bought a power
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ticket in the sacramento area you better check that ticket that piece of paper is worth a fortune and the winner hasn 't come forward. uñ
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a man fired following a t- shirt controversy claims that she's bearing the blame for enforcing company policy. that former security officer at santa rosa plaza claims he lost his job after a complication between teenagers and supporters of andy lopez. he told us he was only following the news. >> reporter: santa rosa security guards approached people wearing andy lopez t-
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shirts following a protest. >> they said you need to remove your shirt. it's not allow in the mall or you need to leave. that was so embarrassing, so humiliating and so frustrating. >> reporter: now the former head of security for the mall is sharing his side. >> for our procedure, we informed our security people that nobody would be allowed in the mall with plaquered, signs, t-shirts anything that's relevant to the protest. >> reporter: it's a procedure that may have cost him his job. >> my personal feelings are totally irrelevant. i have a responsibility to protect the shoppers at the mall. >> reporter: following the confrontation of the guards and members of the lopez family. an attorney for the mall apologized in a letter.
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>> we were responding and acting in accordance to their policy. we at that particular timed their proceed -- we adopted their procedure on days after protests. it has worked well in the past. >> reporter: the guards are being ridiculed and he lost his job with u.s. security associates. the company contracted by mall security. >> i have yet to receive my final check but i'm cleaned out. i'm already being replaced and i'm off the payroll. >> reporter: all because of his interpretation of the mall code. the head of security says he is looking into his legal actions.
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the man accused of snatching a 9-year-old girl from a school bathroom in san mateo is said to appear in court tomorrow. roderick maroseq trap her off the campus and assaulted her. she managed to escape by kicking him and throwing a rock at him. he is also accused of going into a school bathroom and taking pictures of two other girls. bay area law enforcement agencies are trying to stay ahead of the curb and also get the word out of crime and safety. richmond was obvious from the very beginning that social media would be a valuable tool. >> now it's every police department across the nation i think has got some type of tie into social media. and it's for a million
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different reasons obviously. >> reporter: she says those reasons include getting timely information out to the public about crimes and safety. it's obvious that richmond police chief chris magnus is a big believer in social media. he tweets throughout the day and has plenty of followers on facebook. >> over the years, our relationship with the community has definitely improved. it's changed for the better. them being able to relate to some of the activities that we do on a daily basis besides just going out and arresting people and taking people to jail. they realize that there is a human aspect to the stuff that we do. >> the sergeant went on to tell us that social media has allowed for more transparency. she says that social media is just the newest tool to help make the community safer. now to the latest of the
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protests in ukraine. they demanded president putin withdraw his troops from crimea. they prayed for a swift and peaceful resolution. walker has reaction from ukrainian-americans in san francisco. >> reporter: the voices were loud. the signs direct. >> the more people know about this the more they will do something against putin. >> reporter: ukrainians and their supporters held a protest in the pacific heights neighborhood. >> that's the first time i'm actually participating in in addition that has to do with -- in anything that has to do with politics. >> it's because of the politics and money of course.
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they will never say it and they will try to find other ways to explain why there are russian troops right now in crimea. >> reporter: with an escalation of violence those who aren't protesting in the street are praying in the pews. >> i am very worried. >> reporter: parishioners at st. michael ukrainian church veered off the hymnal. singing a song with the words god save ukraine. >> we have a situation that is very serious and that was proper. >> reporter: instead of a sermon the father talked about his conversations with family and friends back home. >> all of them said that they're not scared. so they want to fight if it was necessary. >> reporter: right now there appears to be a propaganda war
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going on in their country making it very difficult to know what's going on in their country. a lottery ticket from sacramento county is now worth $60 million to a lucky power ball winner. a lottery spokesman says that ticket was sold right here at tuleage oil gas station. no one has come forward to claim that prize. if you would like to check your ticket. here's another look at last night's numbers. i think i kind of messed up a little bit there. but you can go back and take a look at it. >> if you had the winning ticket. >> you would know by now right. and why a man's phone would not stop ringing last night and what it had to do with american idol.
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>> mark tamayo is coming up next with what part of your monday you can expect a little rain.
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the winter storm that soaked the bay area can be seen all the way from space as it makes its way across the country. here's a view of that system as the storm heads across the country it will bring snow to the west and severe thunderstorms to the south. many federal buildings will be shut down tomorrow in anticipation of harsh weather. >> here in the bay area, people making plans for their workweek so is it going to rain? let's check in now with our meteorologist mark tamayo how about it.
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>> looks like the active pattern will continue. primarily to the north and east in the bay area. here's a closer inspection of our radar. just a few lingering skies. the clouds will thicken up overnight. partly to mostly cloudy skies. here is our live camera we'll check that out for you looking out toward the bay bridge and san francisco. a bit of a breeze out there with winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. rain returns for your monday and then the extended forecast we're still tracking shower chances. as far as overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning we're going to start out monday morning in the upper 40s to lower 60s. san francisco 52 and san jose 50 degrees with the chance of a few showers especially after 7:00. here's our forecast model showing you this. we do have a partly cloudy skies right now. we'll put this into motion into your monday morning at 4:00. clouds out there but rain shower will be on the increase.
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you can see the extended pattern. look what happens into the overnight hours. the rainfall rates will be picking up. heads up especially for the second half of the day we are expecting some more rain pours for us. the next one developing. all this moisture will be approaching the bay area for tomorrow. for your monday, more clouds. rain makes a come back. we're thinking about .4 .4 -- .25 of an inch. and then into tuesday. just the possibility of a light shower early tuesday morning. next system moves on board on wednesday with increasing clouds. looks like the rain might hold off until wednesday evening but we will introduce the chance of rain showers wednesday afternoon. better chance by wednesday night that could last into thursday morning. here's our forecast model that
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introducing rain on tuesday. there's a chance for a north bay sprinkle by tuesday afternoon and more activity for wednesday. forecast highs for tomorrow we're thinking lots of upper 50s. here is a look ahead on wednesday. showers likely into thursday morning. with your weekend always in view saturday partly cloudy skies. there's a slight chance of showers on sunday. a week from now an early heads up. we change the clocks. we spring forward. look at that sunrise and sunset time. sunset a week from now will be at 7:11. get ready for that. from now to then we're tracking showers. be careful with the commute. you might experience downpours out there. so keep the umbrellas near by. >> and keep it easy on the
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roads. so far no explanation for t from american idol viewers to a pizzeria. the owner of the pizza parlor says his phone was ringing off the hook for two hours. it's unclear why or how many calls were misdirected. the two phone numbers are not similar but show producers say they're fixing the problem.
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good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night of sports wrap. every chance to win a game figures to be crucial to the warriors as this season winds toward the play offs that makes today's effort in toronto a tough one to accept. notoriety is now spread knot of the border and curry left the building. pretty good effort in this possession to miss. david lee keeps the ball alive. curry saves the effort. the warriors led by three after 3/4. then less than nine minutes to play. the rap tors call a time out. that was a good plan. the rap tors changed gears after the time out. what johnson found patrick patterson for this hoop. the raptors completed an 11-0 run. curry to the hoop to make it a three point game with 4-1/2
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minutes left. but it was all toronto down the stretch. rosen was the guy golden state just could not stop. and then outside on the way to a 32 point game, couldn't help it the warriors turn the ball over six times in the fourth quarter and the rap tors did -- the raptors did not have a turn around in that game. switch teams to san antonio where the warriors were hoping for some help. the spurs hosting dallas as tony parker with a circus move to the hoop. he doesn't appreciate with the shotgun to of his 22 points. more of the same in the second half. san an san antonio the winners which means dallas stays behind 1-1/2 game back of golden state. this was not a


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